Ready for the track?


Bike Rental

Want to have fun, but don't have a track bike?  Rent one of our bikes! 

Factory stock Ninja 300 ($150/ day) and Ninja 400 (New! $250/day)

Race-prepared Yamaha R3:  $250/day

All bikes are ready for fun on the track, with good tires and fuel included!

The Yamaha R3 features AK-20/Penske suspension, Vesrah XX and Brembo brakes, Vortex rearsets and clip-ons, race ergonomics and other upgrades.  


Safety Equipment Required

Riders should have a basic set of motorcycle operating skills and some street or dirt experience.  An MSF course is a great place to start if you are completely new to the sport.

You will need a complement of protective riding gear including one or two piece leathers, helmet, gloves and riding boots.  Some textile suits are OK, but be warned, on the street or track, they are usually not as good as leather, and may melt into your skin in a long slide!  Leather is always the best choice 


Bike Prep

 Your bike should be mechanically sound and in good operating condition.  Spikes, sharp edges, or other impalement hazards should be removed.  

Tires should be in good condition with half-tread or better.  Inspect fluid retaining bolts (oil, coolant) for proper fitting.  No other special preparation is required.

​You will be asked to sign a liability release for both the track and your coach.​

Additional Services

We maintain a select inventory of Dunlop track day and race tires in popular sizes and compounds.  Ask about getting confidence inspiring rubber fitted to your bike at SportRiderCoaching events.